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Irvin Charpentier



At the age of 30, with a triple degree in geology, viticulture and oenology from Dijon, this young prodigy cultivates a close relationship with the vine. Irvin's approach to winemaking takes into account the region's history, geography, geology and climate.

After a first successful experience at Domaine de la Vougeraie, in the Côte de Nuits, Irvin spent five years working alongside Alain Pailley, our former cellar master; who passed on his knowledge of Les Riceys and the subtleties of making his different Pinot Noir based wines : Champagne, Coteaux Champenois and Rosé des Riceys.


While the Charpentier family has always owned a few hectares of vines on the Côte des Bar, the family has chosen to sell the grapes to much larger champagne houses. For Irvin's part, it was always the golden bubbles that attracted him after the geological dream had cooled and finally faded. He decided to study oenology in Burgundy. After working in a few other champagne houses to learn more about the trade, he found himself at Domaine Alexandre Bonnet just over seven years ago.

In the words of Irvin Charpentier, cellar master at Maison Bonnet, "Les Riceys is the greatest terroir in Champagne".  With this in mind, Maison Bonnet is experiencing a historic moment with the arrival of its second cellar master since its foundation. After more than 38 years as Champagne Ferdinand Bonnet's cellar master, the emblematic Alain Pailley is handing over to Irvin Charpentier. 
Irvin Charpentier takes up the torch. Driven by his passion for winemaking, Irvin creates, invents and imagines all the stages in the winemaking process at Bonnet, creating an avant-garde style that salutes the management of Champagne Ferdinand Bonnet. His cellar is like his second home, where he likes to spend intimate moments. Surrounded by his different vintages, which he considers and ages with great care, he strives to find the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Irvin enjoys sharing his insights into the winemaking process at tastings. It's a moment that feels almost confidential between the cellar master and his wines. Passing on the history of Maison Bonnet is a real delight for him.

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