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80% Pinot Noir

20% Chardonnay

40% Reserve Wines


Dosage 8-9 g/L


Product sheet

CHAMPAGNE FERDINAND BONNET Grande Reserve sans ombre.jpg

Grande Réserve

Elegant Champagne full of lingering flavors.


It is clear in color, with fine long-lasting bubbles. Its nose is light and delicate, fine with hints of white blossom and citrus fruit. Fruity on the palate, full-bodied and long-lasting.


Suggested pairings:

Seafood: tuna tartare, crab verrine with eggplant caviar, scallop Carpaccio, Nordic verrine.


Turf food: gougères, Chaource cheese brioche, avocado verrine, tomatoes and mozzarella.


It can also be enjoyed as a pre-dinner or in a cocktail party.

CHAMPAGNE FERDINAND BONNET Perle Rose sans ombre.jpg

Perle Rosée


Smooth and sensible.


Delightful and light, this rosé Champagne is remarkable and does not go unnoticed. Its intense pink color is completed with purple highlights. Its nose is complex with red berry aromas, notably raspberry and blackcurrant. The same tastes reveal a fresh and long-lasting Champagne on the palate.


Suggested pairings:

Turf food: roasted guinea fowl with figs, fromage
frais in its draining basket with a red berry coulis.


Sweets: puffed pancakes with raspberries and almonds,
strawberry jelly charlotte.


This cuvée is also fantastic for cocktails.


100% Pinot Noir

No Reserve Wines


Dosage 8 g/L


Product sheet

perle rosee

100% Pinot Noir

45% Reserve Wines


Dosage 9 g/L


Product sheet

Blanc de Noirs


The Blanc de Noirs cuvée is rich, hearty and meaningful.


It shows highlights of gold. Its bubbles are very fine and long-lasting. Its nose is fresh and intense with tasty hints of gooseberry, morello cherry and fresh quince. Dense and spicy on the palate, winey and typical of the Côte des Bar Pinot Noir, in a more authentic style.


Suggested pairings:

Seafood: fresh salmon verrine, langoustine bouchée, trout with almonds.

Turf food: blanquette of veal, capon in salt crust, fillet of beef with chestnuts.

This cuvée get perfectly along a meal but can also be
enjoyed as a pre-dinner drink..

blanc de noirs
CHAMPAGNE FERDINAND BONNET - sans ombre - Millésime 2014.png

Millésime 2014

Millésime 2014 is powerful, seductive and well-balanced.

It has a light gold colour with subtle golden highlights.
The first nose reveals a few toasty and spicy notes. Then more complex, mature aromas emerge on tasting. These
include mature apricot, gingerbread and apple crumble.


Suggested pairings:

Turf food: poularde with foie gras, roast veal sweetbreads, fricassee of morel mushrooms and onion compote, cep risotto.


This cuvée can also be enjoyed as a pre-dinner.


50% Pinot Noir

50% Chardonnay

Dosage 5g/L


Product sheet

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